May 03, 2012


Can a spiderweb in the fresh Autumn morning dew be anymore beautiful?   It's such a blessing that through devastating events in our lives that we can learn to appreciate the smaller things.  I remember flying back home to the Outback town of Roxby Downs, South Australia after we lost our son Olly.  The landscape felt so enriched and so much more colourful than I had remembered.  I have no doubt that nature plays a very special part in the healing process.  At this present time my husband and I are contemplating yet another challenge in our gypsy lifestyle.  Therefore I am appreciating every still moment I have prior to what may be another time of the mad packing of a house, relocation, long distance Skype chats, and general mayhem!  I am far from complaining as I live for those crazy moments where you make the decision to take a chance, to step out and weave the complexity that is the web of life.

Tammie J

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