June 17, 2012

Outback Heart

Quite simply the pictures below show why a piece of my heart belongs to the Australian Outback.  Well a big piece of it actually.  I love the freedom, the laid back way of life, having no mobile phone range and feeling as if time has forgotten you.  Having lived in the Outback for many years I always long to go back.  This weekend we had the best weekend ever!  Driving for a 14 hour return trip to visit some wonderful old friends in a really remote town we use to live in.  As you drive out there you feel like you are returning home.  We feel so blessed to have many places that we call home and many great people we have met on our adventures.  It was a bit sad to leave there this morning but we left with our hearts full. We released a flower for our Opal in the same spot we did for our first lost baby nearly 10 months ago now.  We felt great peace and joy that both our babies were together spiritually in the place we chose to be an Outback memorial to them.  Even though we are moving thousands of kilometres away from them soon I know a piece of my heart will always be there and I cant wait to return.  

Tammie J    

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