August 24, 2012

Count your Blessings

Moving away from family and friends to another state is always hard.  The unpacking, settling into a new job, learning small community dynamics are all a challenge but the hardest thing is not being home when you need to be.   Its been a hard week here in our new town hearing news from back home that hasn't been the happiest news.  My dear old dad is having surgery right now as we speak, a favourite uncle is riddled with blood cancer and battling everyday, my amazing 95 year old auntie has just had a stroke whilst still living on her own, and my beautiful cousin aged 38 is battling for her life after her ovarian cancer returning after a brief period of remission.  I feel so happy for her that she has had this remission to spend time holidaying with her husband and two small gorgeous children.  Every part of me wants to book a flight home.   It makes you feel regret and sometimes question why on earth you moved at all.   All I know is today I count my blessings. I will be heading to our town church this weekend to light a candle for everyone I know who needs many prayers right now.

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