October 01, 2012

Pregnancy & infant loss awareness month

It's hard the believe its October again already!  I cant believe it is over a year ago since we lost Olly and nearly 8 months since we lost Opal.  Life certainly does move fast.  I feel like I have been left standing still, motionless as time and everyone has moved on without me.  I know I am changed forever but I can't help feeling like I am stuck, moving forward represents way too much fear and looking back just breaks my heart.

I am going to take part in Carly Marie's Project Heal October photography project and post on my blog daily.  I'm not a daily kind of blogger as I can only write as when my heart compels me to do so.

Here is the link to the project which I'd encourage you to undertake no matter what stage of the grieving process you are at.  Some of the days listed I am dreading! It can be hard to face what you don't want to.

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