November 01, 2012

There is a God!

Having an very happy day today! I am so completely overwhelmed by the generosity of people for my dear Cousin J.  SAFM radio in Adelaide SA had my amazing cousin and her family on air today to organise a super birthday bash for her 40th birthday.  You see it isn't actually her 40th birthday but rather her 39th.  She has terminal cancer and is the bravest person I know.  She wants to have a massive 40th birthday early as she doesn't really know if she will make it to the actual 40th.  You are not human if this doesn't break your heart,  with a loving husband and 2 small gorgeous children that she may leave behind on earth how can it not?  In the middle of this though has been God.  Her and her family and friends have had amazing faith and trust in God and this great Birthday event is only part of the earthly riches that will bless this family.  There is a God, no doubt in my mind.  The more pain we endure, the greater proof to me that a higher power does exist.  He wants to grow us and nurture us into the person he had planned all along, and no matter how much we want to fight that at some stage you have to throw down your shield, and say rescue me.  To my cousin and her beautiful family may this event just enrich your lives and provide a forever lasting memory.

Big thank you to SAFM for the support!
You can listen to the first part of the story by clicking below

And for the second part:

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