January 31, 2013

More time

All I am thinking of today is more time.  More time here on earth, more time with loved ones, more time in the current place we live, more time with my husband before I go.  In relation to this my dear cousin who is nearing her last few weeks on this earth as she slowly looses her battle with ovarian cancer.  I pray everyday for them, for them to have more comfort from pain, more time together as a family, more time for her with her children, more time for her with her husband, more time for her on earth.  I can see how at peace she is with dying and she knows God is calling her home. I am sure there will be many moments in life we wish for more time, and that's why it is important to embrace each day as a new adventure. 

I am packing my bags next week and leaving my husband to return to our home state.  I really hate being away from him but I know I have to be brave and return home and pave the way for our next new adventure together.  I wish we had more time together but for now I am loving every moment with him just as I know my dear cousin is cherishing every minute God is giving her on this earth. Below is a beautiful picture taken of her and her family just a week ago.  It was taken at Kingsford Homestead, home of the Australian TV series McLeod's Daughters.

Julie, Steve & Family @ Kingsford Homestead
Photo taken by Helen Mills Photography

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