February 28, 2013

365 lil one

Today its been 365 days since we said goodbye to our second baby Opal.  Its amazing how fast a year can go.  A year full of grief, challenges, and most of all life changing experiences.   It seems fitting that our time living in a Monastic town in Regional WA has come to an end and we are returning back to the Barossa Valley, SA.  We have no idea whether this move will be permanent but we are looking forward to a slight sense of normality for a while.  Having been separated from my husband for nearly a month I can not wait to see him next week.  I also can not wait to head back to WA with him and pack up our home and say goodbye to some lifelong friends we have made during our time there.  The experience of living in a monastic town, for the second time round! has not been as peaceful or serene as one would imagine.  Whilst we are grateful for this special experience we have been challenged beyond belief when dealing with the hostile and sometimes hateful environment that has existed in the workplace and town itself.  We have seen many special people hurt during both our times of working there and we do hope by taking the stand we did this time that although we lost our home and our jobs in the process, we hope that no one else will be hurt again by the repressive bullying environment that has unto now considered itself beyond reproach.    We look forward to moving on, looking for new employment and settling into our new little country home.  Most of all we can not wait to be together again as a family.  We remember you today our little Opal, we thank you for coming into our lives, and we know you are with us where ever we go xox.  Thankyou for making us stronger and braver than we ever could have imagined.
Opals Prayer Flag - Photo by CarlyMarie -Project Heal