March 11, 2013

Last Days

Ah moving day, always a challenge and often not much fun!!  A long day organising our belongings to be packed on a truck and sent half way across Australia.  We are super excited to be moving on from a rather stressful situation and starting life all over again.  How lucky we are to be beginning again.  As I write my cousin who has so bravely been fighting ovarian cancer for many years has entered into palliative care.  Her time in her earthly body is coming to an end.  My heart is broken for her family and young children, and most of all I wish I could take her physical pain away for her last moments here on earth.   Last days anywhere are hard but I am sure your last days on earth will be by far the most difficult.  She is at peace, and has great faith but I am sure being so aware of your own death approaching may be an exhausting and overwhelming experience.  We are looking forward to a life with more family and friends and finding our feet again.   We went for a drive today past the farms where we live and I couldn't resist photographing this beautiful Brahman, pictured below.  We have also had a beautiful cat, that we have called Puss befriend us and his is going to make the 4 day drive with us to our new home.  He was a feral cat who has chosen to be with us and live a more domestic life.  We have left it up to Puss whether he wanted to stay with us and we are so glad he has.