April 04, 2013

Butterflies at Christian's Beach

For anyone in the Baby loss community who hasn't seen the work of Carly Marie on the gorgeous beaches of WA here is a very special video on You Tube.   With my husband being from WA, and us both having lived in this beautiful state for many years it was very special to have our babies names written in the sands of Mullaloo Beach, WA.  Carly really is amazing and if I hadn't stumbled across her website after the loss of our babies I have no idea how I would have found the strength and information we needed to move forward in our lives.  Her website is:  

April 03, 2013

Hot Cross Bunnies

My best friend said the cutest thing about Easter in regard to the angry and rude customers she was dealing with the day prior to Good Friday, she called them "Hot Cross Bunnies".  It made me smile :-) .  She always has a great way of saying things and although it is funny, its sad too that people can get angry at a time of the year where we should all just slow down a bit.

Easter this year was a time of respite for us.  Recovering from our interstate move and the prospect of not currently being employed we headed to beautiful Tasmania where we had previously been for our honeymoon for a peaceful Easter break.  It was on the flight over to Tassie that we realised we had eaten hot cross buns in three different states of Australia this year - South Australia, Western Australia and now Tasmania!  We feel truly lucky to travel as much as we do, but we also make it happen.  We both love just heading off on new adventures and do things because we like them, not because that is what looks good posing in front of for a Facebook photo.  We don't really give a crap about even talking to others about our holidays as normally most people are really more interested in themselves.  As long as our travels bring us joy in our hearts that is all that matters.  We are so relieved that the Easter Bunny managed to find us in Tasmania, what a travesty that would have been if we had not had his visit!   

We once again fell in love with the beauty and creativity and just fresh vibe of Tasmania and we can not wait to go back again!

April 02, 2013

Egg Tears

This morning I was unexpectedly overwhelmed whilst pretending to be the Easter Bunny.  When my husband was in the shower I snuck around and placed some Easter eggs on his pillow as a surprise. Only a few moments after I felt extremely sad and shed a few tears at wishing I had been playing the Easter Bunny to our lost children.   My heart just felt like it all of a sudden opened up and the overwhelming power of loss and grief showed itself once again.  It is hard that some moments of grief like this take you completely by surprise.  Our little boy Olly would have been nearly 17 months old and would have been able to take in some of what is so special about Easter time.  I so wish I could have been hiding eggs, and telling him about the Easter bunny.  I miss you little man, I miss both of you.  Happy Easter in heaven.

Tammie xox

Photo Courtesy of Luminous Light Group member, Thank you :-)