April 02, 2013

Egg Tears

This morning I was unexpectedly overwhelmed whilst pretending to be the Easter Bunny.  When my husband was in the shower I snuck around and placed some Easter eggs on his pillow as a surprise. Only a few moments after I felt extremely sad and shed a few tears at wishing I had been playing the Easter Bunny to our lost children.   My heart just felt like it all of a sudden opened up and the overwhelming power of loss and grief showed itself once again.  It is hard that some moments of grief like this take you completely by surprise.  Our little boy Olly would have been nearly 17 months old and would have been able to take in some of what is so special about Easter time.  I so wish I could have been hiding eggs, and telling him about the Easter bunny.  I miss you little man, I miss both of you.  Happy Easter in heaven.

Tammie xox

Photo Courtesy of Luminous Light Group member, Thank you :-)

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