June 15, 2013

Barossa be consumed.

This is the recent commercial TV campaign for the Barossa Valley, Australia.  I am proud to be a fourth generation Barossarian and we love calling the Barossa our home!

Come visit the Barossa, what are you waiting for?

June 14, 2013


TIME, Has it really been a month since my dear cousin passed away? TIME, has it really been four months since we left the evil constraints of working in a monastic community? TIME has it really been two years since we found out our little man Olly was first in my tummy?  Where the F&*K does time go?  It's something you learn out of grief, that despite your pain and sadness, time doesn't stop.  The world keeps moving.  The impatient arsehole behind you in traffic doesn't give a crap about your pain, he has his own pain causing his anger at a situation such as rush hour traffic which we all know really isn't the worse thing that can happen in your life.

The biggest thing I have done for myself lately is to realise it was TIME to seek help, professional help.  I have started some therapy, it certainly is helpful but very draining in the process but I'm looking forward to the end result.  It has also been TIME for me to re-educate, to focus on a career path I feel passionate about.  I have been studying Aged Care health for the last few months and next term will move forward with Nursing studies, very much looking forward to the challenge.   Its also been TIME for a makeover, a new haircut and wardrobe changes to take care of the aesthetic stuff :-).

TIME with him is something that had been hard over the past few months.  With my husband commuting to the big city from our lil country town every day I hardly seen him, and when I do he's so tired from the commute.  The time with him is precious and it has been wonderful over the past few months for us to be able to see each other again for real as this cloud of grief from the last few years has slowly lifted from our lives.  We are ready, and it is TIME to start again.  We would love to try for a family again soon as TIME is moving against us but we will be patient and just hope that things will fall into place as we refocus our lives.

New Hair !