October 21, 2013

Boab Tree - Darwin, Northern Territory

It has nearly been four weeks since I left tropical Darwin, Northern Territory.  My  husband took a job in Darwin and has been working there and boarding with some locals.  The rents and cost of living there is amazing! With an average family home renting for $700 plus per week and the average home costing over $700,000 !  Darwin is gorgeous I really loved it, super laid back and casual and the weather is always warm.  It's hard as I sit here in the Barossa Valley to imagine my husband being their alone paving the way for another new adventure for us.  The only catch is this new adventure and move to Darwin has been unusual since the start.  We have had another job offer closer to our home town which my husband has now accepted.  We decided that Darwin just wasn't right for us at the moment.  I'm excited to be flying up to meet my husband at the end of the week and can not wait to see him!  We will then drive back the 3000 km together in our 4WD and have a bit of a travel adventure on the way back home.   In a few weeks we will pack up our home again (17th time in 12 yrs!) and head to the Eyre Peninsula in Outback South Australia for our new posting.  We are again excited for a change and for the challenges this new move will hold.
My husband has been sending me photos as he has been exploring Darwin and he sent me this photo of a Boab tree today.  I love these trees and they really represent the Top End of Australia to me.  I love the diversity in our country and I can't wait to hit the road next week with my man, drive lots of outback miles, eat at some great Aussie pubs and ride a camel into the sunset in Alice Springs! Yippee!  Cant wait to see you Ash, my best friend I have missed you.

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