February 28, 2014

In memory of our baby girl

It's been a big day today.  It was two years ago today we said goodbye to our second baby, our little girl Opal.  Even all this time later I still feel I have not sufficiently honoured you in our lives.  Being within 6 months of loosing our first baby our second loss was just overwhelming and it has taken a long time to process.  We have never loved either of our babies more than the other.  With our second loss we were so sadly more mentally prepared for loss rather than the shock of when we lost Olly.  

I also had a job interview today and it was awful.  It was one of those interviews that from the moment you walk in you feel that you are not what they are looking for.  I have no doubt of my skills or ability to do the job, but I know I just was not the right organisational fit.  I had already been offered another position in the health field and as life plays out I start in that position on Monday so I didn't really need to attend the interview for the other position anyway!  All these changes on such an overwhelming day have helped me to keep in focus the preciousness of your life and the gift you were to us.  Ive had a few tears today but they have been both sad and happy tears.  I know Opal you are with us every step of our days, thank you for being our baby xox Miss you

Image:  CarlyMarie Project Heal

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