April 05, 2014

April Fools Day "Fake Pregnancy Joke"

The older I get the less I find April Fools Day "Jokes" to be funny.  I don't think its because I'm loosing my sense of humour but rather because I'm increasing my sense of empathy for others.  We never know the path that others have walked or what challenges they maybe facing in life right now.  Luckily since loosing our two babies I had not encountered any of those silly "I'm pregnant jokes!" on any form of social media but that all changed this April 1st, 2014.  An old acquaintance, decided it would be hilarious to announce a "fake pregnancy" by posting an ultrasound picture of a baby at 12 weeks.  I did not find this funny.  

Whilst I can appreciate to innocent people this is a very funny joke, it isn't to me nor I presume the thousands of women who can not have children or have lost pregnancies and babies.  I like to think I am a really tolerant person but I could not help but unfriend the person who found it humorous. 

On the upside I did notice her closest friend re-post Carly Marie from Project heals picture from last April Fools Day as a reminder that it isn't a funny joke.  Out of respect I will not post that photo here as I know it caused much hurt to Carly Marie by peoples comments in response to the photo.  Everyday I am always surprised by how hurtful people can be, especially on social media.  I think if you wouldn't be brave enough to say something to someone in person then you certainly shouldn't write it on the anonymity that social media allows.

I also found another link on April Fool's Pregnancy jokes that you may find interesting to read:

I'd like to think that grief doesn't take away your sense of humour but it can alter it.  Your filter on humour may forever change, but it will be changed for the better. Whenever in life you can become more aware of what is going on around us in the world and how it impacts on others that has to be a positive thing.