October 28, 2014

Dolphin Healing

Once again we find ourselves living in a temporary situation in the middle of nowhere!  It feels quite unsettling to have no fix abode and to be away from our animals but with the sacrifice comes some reward.  Part of that reward has been exploring a new part of Australia that is astonishingly beautiful.  Over the past two weeks we have visited the gorgeous dolphins of Monkey Mia a couple of times.  Located on the spectacular west cost of outback Australia, Monkey Mia is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world and it is a must do adventure.

Last time I visited Monkey Mia I was 13 years old, and life was very different.  I have held that adventure I had as at teenager close to my heart.  The experience of interacting with wild dolphins is just so beautiful and hard to forget.

At a time in my life when I felt I needed that healing touch I was blessed to be chosen during our recent visit to feed Puck one of the long term dolphins of Monkey Mia.  These dolphins despite being wild are very familiar with people and they are very gentle at their daily feeds.  They are fed minimally and the quantity of fish is monitored to make sure they still live as naturally as possible.  When you interact with the dolphins you feel an instant healing connection with them, it feels like they know you.   Reading up on some information on Puck the dolphin I learnt she had 8 calves but only 4 of them survived.  This got me thinking that perhaps dolphins understand the loss of a baby/calf all to well.   I had wanted to feed the dolphins in memory of our two babies who couldn't be here to experience this with us.  Such an intimate memory to carry forward on my own healing journey.

Thank you Puck.

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