November 21, 2014

Pilbara Sunset

There is nothing quite like a Pilbara sunset in Australia.  If you never ever seen one, you should!   During our recent time in outback WA we were super happy to be able to have a chance to visit the Pilbara region, and to see the changes in the mining towns of Karratha and Port Headland.  We also had a special mission.  That mission was to collect a small piece of the earth from Port Headland for our special dog Buzz.

Buzz the border collie, now 14 years old and going strong was born in Port Headland, Western Australia.  His mum was a red border collie and that is all we really know.  Buzz came to be with us 1 year after he was born, through the RSPCA.  When I first met my husband and moved over 3000km to live with him after only knowing him a few short weeks, I demanded that we have a dog as part of the deal!  That is where Buzz comes in.  I saw an add in the local paper advertising a border collie who had some issues but needed a home.  I picked up the phone and rang the number, only to hear of the awful treatment Buzz had experienced as an unruly bored working dog.   We decided we wanted him and I am so glad we did.   Despite being told he was afraid of men, due to having been beaten he was never ever afraid of my kind husband.  Buzz the superdog as we call him has been on all our adventures over the past 13 years and has gotten into lots of trouble along the way but we feel so blessed he found us.     Anyway back to visiting Port Headland for a piece of earth... we had wanted to grab a little bit of sand and red Pilbara dirt to take home with us so we could bury it with Buzz one day.  The Pilbara is a really long way from anywhere, so we weren't being morbid but rather ceasing the opportunity!  On our return home I let Buzz sniff the sand from his original home, and you know what the clever dog did as I put some on my fingers, yep in his true form he ate it just like he does everything else that is in reach of his mouth.  On ya Buzz, that's why we love you mate.

We also took a picture of Buzz with the famous statue of Red Dog located in the Pilbara.  For more information on Red Dog, click on the below link:

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