January 18, 2016

We lost our best friend

Today we lost our best friend and mate.  He was our first child of the Furry kind, and became our only child after the loss of our babies.

Our beautiful Border Collie called BUZZ passed away this morning, Monday 18th of January 2016.  He was 15 years old and passed away quite suddenly without any intervention.  We were blessed to be able to be there by his side during his last few hours.  We believe he fell unconscious quite quickly and we made him as comfortable as we could.  He passed away on his last car ride and took his last two breaths as I stroked his face.  We pulled over to the side of the highway and had our last hug as a family.  My husband and I are so devastated as he has been our rock, and our life for the past 15 years.  His spirit and love was amazing.  I know I would not be walking on this earth now if it wasn't for Buzz.  He sat with me the whole time I was grieving our pregnancy losses.  He was so patient with me.

We love you Buzz and even though we are sad we are also happy as you are no longer enduring old age aches and pains.  You are running free chasing anything you want to!  Thanks for all the laughter and real true joy that you brought into our lives mate.

You will always be with us and in our hearts.  Wherever we travel we know you will be watching us.

Buzz the Super Dog

Born 16th September 2000 in Port Hedland, Western Australia

Died  18th January 2016 in the Barossa Valley,  South Australia

Came to be in our family when he was 12 months old and was a rescue dog through the RSPCA. 

You touched everyones lives that you met with your open heart and happy nature.  Thank you for filling our hearts with love.

Buzz, Aged 14: Point Boston Beach house, SA

Buzz, Aged 12: Laying in Sturt Desert Peas, Roxby Downs, SA

Buzz, Aged 9: Drummond Cove Beach, Geraldton WA